Which advantages of a fully furnished apartment bring to short term rental?

You are either a first time lessee or just a mover, you may have an idea what type of apartment you want: unfurnished, partially furnished or fully furnished. Fully furnished one is hard to find on the market, but actually it is a smart choice for renters, especially short-term tenants. A fully furnished unit often includes furniture, home appliances, cookware and some other fittings. The listings are different from unit to unit and area to area when it comes to furnishings, though. Let’s see what benefits a fully furnished apartment will bring to the resident.

Less stress on moving day

an Apt in Vinhomes Gardenia by alphahousing.vn

Moving day is definitely a busy and stressful one, even prior to that day you are busier packing furniture, finding house moving agent and drawing layout of new arrangement. But it’s not the scenario when you rent a furnished apartment. All you need to do is bring along clothes, books and personal stuffs, which will make you enjoy the first day in your new home at most.

Save time and money on buying new furniture

Furnishing a house is one of the biggest costs you need to pay following the rent. Your bank account right away is credited when you pick a bed, sofa, washing machine, cooker, table and plenty of other small things. After that, you need to pay an additional sum to bring these heavy things home by a mover. Is that too much at the beginning? It can be worse if the furniture cannot fit in the new apartment when you relocate accommodation later, and you may end up make a loss by selling at very cheap price. Moreover, spending a whole day measuring and considering what size of bed will fit in the bedroom, where to put wardrobe or what color of table will match with well and floor, somehow can give you a serious headache. It can take you extra several days to go here and there to buy all needful stuffs for your new home. Instead of spending time on those actions which totally can be prepared by the owner, renting a fully apartment will let you take a tour around the beautiful city or hang out with your new friends/ colleagues.

Good for urgent move

Basically, people want to take advantages of current furniture for the new place. To do so, you need to measure them and seek a unit fits your items. It’s really troublesome if you have to move in urgently or the new destination is far from your spot, which prevents you from checking in person. A fully furnished apartment resolves this difficulty by requiring your presence only.

No care about repair
Things will go wrong after a particular time of usage, but it’s not your matter to touch those damages. A broken door or dim light will be fixed by the landlord in a furnished apartment after your notice. In contrast, if you take possession of the furnishings, make sure that you know how to repair a leaked washing machine and have available hand tools to do. Otherwise, you need to pay a mechanic in order to get our things done. To some men, repair and maintenance can be a tiny problem, but it is not the case of a female tenant who is not familiar with tasks involving manual skills.

No commitment to long-term lease
Leasing term for fully furnished apartment is shorter than unfurnished or partially furnished ones as owners often offer to students or temporarily located people. If you are unsure to live at a place in a long time, this option is better for you. Lessors are willing to compromise leasing period up to your demand and you don’t have to worry about neither fine for lease break nor complex movement to the next place.

As long as you find a fully furnished apartment, where you are living or when you are heading to the next house is not a big matter. Now you can enjoy future adventure in the new land knowing that your move is convenient and saving at the same time. Plan your travelling and just grab your luggage!