VinHomes Riverside – The Venice’s stylelife in the center of Hanoi

VinHomes Riverside  – The Venice’s stylelife in the center of Hanoi

The information of project : Scale of Vinhomes Riverside: 183.5 ha, is the villa complex located in the urban area.

Vinhomes Riverside ScaleDesign Organizations
+Construction density: 40%• Design organization ACT Vietnam Architects Ltd. - ACT Architects (VN) Co., Ltd.
+Area of the villa: 111m2 to 2000m2• PCM Joint Stock Company.
+Form of ownership: Permanent for Vietnamese• Archipel Joint Stock Company.
+Supervisor: Vietnam Urban Architecture Joint Stock Company• French Design Company Limited (Site Asia).
• SENA Company.
• Vietnam Construction Consultancy Corporation - VNCC.

The reasons why expats should choose to rent villa in Vinhomes Riverside:

  1. Prime Location

Located between the 3 central wards of Long Bien District: Viet Hung, Phuc Loi ,Giang Bien. About 6.5 km from Hoan Kiem Lake, 5.5 km from Chuong Duong bridge, very close to Vinh Tuy bridge, well connected with the capital’s infrastructure by road traffic system and high speed– railway system.

  1. A green space for residents:

The low construction density, with the total area of over 180ha, has arranged more than 60ha for common spaces such as parks, trees, water surface, nearly 50 ha infrastructure for transport, almost houses are beside the river, public space density ‘s very high, around  60-70m2 / person.

3.The elegant and harmonious design :

All villas in Vinhomes Riverside Eco-urban area are designed with the innovation, have the harmony of European design with luxurious and warm Asian design.

Inside the house, the villa is designed with warm, friendly and peaceful surroundings, creating a warm atmosphere for your family. The villa is designed with plenty of space for family activities where after many hours of work, stressful or learning the whole family can sit and laugh and talk freely. But there are separate spaces for each member to stay separate for each member.

  1. Utilities:

Vinhomes Riverside has the appearance of a luxurious resort, with modern infrastructure, fresh natural, perfect service,… All demands of residents are responded maximum.

+ About Educational:

The school system Bis from pre-school to high school – teaching 100% English with standards of UK education, the school system VinSchool is the best choice for young residents.

+ About Medical Service:

The health of the residents is always ensured by the hospital system and international polycyclic VinMec.

+About Entertainment:

Enjoy shopping, enjoy the latest movies, experience food at Vincom Center Long Bien. Moreover, with Almaz – the complex of shopping center, high-quality entertainment at VinHomes Riverside will make you enjoy your time most of all.

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